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When buying a used car from Autobedrijf Heijne, you choose security. The maintenance and damage history of our used cars is clear and thoroughly checked before delivery. When you purchase your car, we provide a standard 40-point checklist so you know exactly where you stand. You can additionally choose Heijne Delivery Inspection (worth 595,-). With our used cars, you can always be safe on the road. In the warranty provision below you can read what the conditions for warranty are.

How long does the warranty last?

Car Company Heijne provides the legal consumer warranty of 12 months on a car after delivery of the purchase.

What do you have a warranty on?
  • Engine

  • Gearbox

  • Suspension
  • Air Conditioning

  • Electronics

  • Braking system

  • Fuel System

  • Exhaust incl. particulate filter / catalytic converter

  • Drive

  • Suspension

Car Company Heijne provides the legal consumer warranty of 12 months on a car after delivery of the purchase.

When do you have no warranty?
  • Repair and/or replacement of parts and tires, which have to be replaced as a result of normal wear and tear such as, for example, brake drums, brake discs/blocks, windshield wipers and also the parts that are replaced as standard during certain servicing, such as, for example, spark plugs, an air filter and the oil filter including the engine oil

  • Squeaking and/or creaking noises that are audible at wear-sensitive parts of the car as a result of weather conditions or vibrations, for example

  • Interior parts including trim, mats, glove box/stowage compartments, ashtray, sun visor, parcel shelf

  • (Re)inspections, renewals and updates of a navigation or alarm system or software/application updates

  • Accessories (accessories) that are not factory installed and defects and/or damage caused by changes made to the car after delivery, for example, chip tuning

  • Wear or defects on tires, all windows (scratches, cracks and/or star holes)
  • Faulty charging cables, defects in Batteries (Battery Pack) of hybrid or electric vehicles. (provided they are still under the car brand’s factory warranty)

  • Defects on batteries (12v) and batteries (keys) max 3 months after purchase, only if Heijne Delivery Inspection is selected

  • Defects, as a result of repairs not carried out on behalf of Autobedrijf Heijne

  • Damage resulting from or caused by a sudden external calamity, intentional acts as well as deliberately reckless acts, by misuse, during off-road use, an axle or trailer load higher than determined by the manufacturer or the use of unsuitable lubricants and fuels and by participation in speed competitions

  • Defects due to ignoring error messages or ignoring a recall

  • Defects, arising outside the Netherlands, unless the Buyer is located within the European Union for a continuous period not exceeding 6 weeks

  • Consequential damages, such as lodging, towing, storage and freight costs, etc., and damage to persons and property resulting from the failure of parts

  • Towing and transportation costs you are responsible for presenting the car to Autobedrijf Heijne for repair. It is important that you are additionally insured for this by, for example, car insurance or roadside assistance towing services ANWB

  • Indirect damages such as telephone charges, delay, storage costs and rental car charges

  • Replacement transportation during a repair under these warranty terms, cars used for courier services or acting as a cab, teaching car or rental car

  • Gross negligence, fraud, improper use or overuse

  • Warranty applies only to the buyer of Autobedrijf Heijne. The next owner will void the warranty

  • If the Heijne Delivery Inspection is not chosen, you are responsible for the maintenance of your car yourself. If a defect occurs due to your own negligence, the right to warranty is forfeited

  1. Does a defect arise? Then you should report yourself directly to Autobedrijf Heijne, Phone 020-4973274 by email info@autovoorraad.nl. Please note we will never pay invoices from other garages without consultation. to claim warranty. Together with you, we look for recovery. Never drive on with a defect! Do you, find yourself in an emergency situation and recovery needs to take place immediately? Then make sure you have written proof from the repairer afterwards. Broken parts should be saved for Autobedrijf Heijne.
  2. To qualify for warranty, the car must be presented to a Heijne Car Company for repair and maintenance during the warranty period. Have you visited a non Car Company Heijne? If so, this will void your warranty.
  3. Maintain your car properly and regularly check the level of your car’s fluids. If a defect occurs because you do not follow the instructions in the instruction booklet, you may be (partly) to blame for the defect. Keep all proofs of maintenance and repair. It is imperative that you can always produce these when making a warranty claim.
  4. If you are (partly) to blame for causing a defect, you are not entitled to repair under warranty. This may be the case, for example, if a failure has occurred due to overloading, negligence, carelessness or operating errors.
  5. If a breakdown occurs due to external calamity, it has nothing to do with the quality of your car. In that case, you cannot claim the warranty. You can think of defects caused by (water) damage, a collision, stone chips, bird droppings or a hailstorm. *Many times these cases are covered by your car insurance. Consult your policy for terms and conditions.
  6. If fraud or abuse is suspected, the warranty may be terminated by Autobedrijf Heijne.
  7. It is important to abide by our terms and conditions. If you, you have not complied with the conditions, your right to warranty is forfeited.
What is a defect?

For the purposes of this warranty, we mean by a defect: the sudden and unexpected failure of a component during the term of the warranty. If a part functions normally, it will not be replaced or repaired.

Warranty coverage

If you are dealing with a warranty issue and all of the above is consistent with this, Autobedrijf Heijne will work with you to find a proper solution to have the defects repaired at no cost.

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