Go for security with the Heijne auto policy

Your car is in good hands at Autobedrijf Heijne

In cooperation with Actua, we offer Heijne Autopolis auto insurance. This is an auto insurance policy with many benefits. We have put together a very attractive additional insurance package, for both new cars, and used cars up to 8 years young. Below you can read about the main benefits of our unique Autobedrijf Heijne All-risk car insurance.

Extended warranty benefits

Extra warranty is useful if you unexpectedly get stopped due to a defective part, you would prefer that these unexpected costs be covered under warranty. With the All-risk insurance of Autobedrijf Heijne you have 2 years (24 months) additional warranty over and above the manufacturer’s warranty period for new cars and for used cars always 2 years extended warranty (including the standard 6 months BOVAG warranty) for cars up to 8 years young (96 months) or 150,000 km.

The insurance with 2 yr. warranty

Heijne Autopolis

  • 100% reimbursement for total loss car

  • Extended warranty coverage on parts

  • Comprehensive roadside assistance coverage

  • Additional coverage above the insured amount

Always keep your warranty

The roadside assistance and warranty coverage of our All-risk insurance remain valid if you have the car serviced at Autobedrijf Heijne on time every year and the car remains all-risk insured. However, the extended warranty coverage does expire after 2 years and/or if the car gets older than 96 months or the mileage exceeds 150,000 km.

Comprehensive roadside assistance throughout virtually all of the EU

It is very annoying when you get stuck with a breakdown. Then it’s good to know that with Autobedrijf Heijne’s All-risk car insurance you can also benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance service! Whether in your hometown, in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe, Actua Roadside Assistance’s emergency center will assist you.

Your car will be repaired on the spot in most cases. But if nothing else, your car will be transported to a repair shop. That’s usually your own car company. And if you have a breakdown abroad, your car and its occupants will be transported to the Netherlands. If that’s not service!